North Vietnam's POW camp The Zoo

Area map of the Zoo, Hanoi, Vietnam.


Here is the layout of the infamous Zoo. When you're done, have a look at the Hanoi Hilton, as well.

American nicknames: Zoo, Zoo Annex, Cu Loc, BOQ, Camp Two, Camp America. (Some of these names apply only to specific locations in the camp - see map on right.)

Vietnamese names:
Nga Tu So (the So Intersection),
and Pha Phim (Film Studio).



The dates U.S. POWs were imprisoned:

September 20, 1965 to December 16, 1970
February 8, 1971 to March 19, 1971
June 14, 1971 to  July 10, 1971
September 24, 1971 to  March 29, 1973

This was the location of the PAVN motion picture institute's film studio before the war. It is located in a residential area in the southwest suburbs of Hanoi, on the east side of Nguyen Trai Street (the road to Ha Dong City), a short distance north of Cau Moi (the "New Bridge"). In 1965, the facility was transferred temporarily to the Enemy Proselytizing Department for use as a POW camp. In April, 1972, Office 22 of the newly formed PAVN Group 875 took responsibility for administration of this and other U.S. POW camps in North Vietnam. After the war this facility was returned to the PAVN motion picture institute.

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